Open Affinity Current Account

The Affinity Current Account ("Affinity Account" or "Affinity") is designed to provide you with easy linkages back home in India from ICICI Bank Limited, Singapore Branches ("ICICI Singapore").


The Affinity Account is available in multiple currencies, with low monthly average balance ("Monthly Average Balance") requirements and with an option of personalised cheque books. Your Affinity Account will also be a convenient solution for all your money transfer requirements to India.

Features of Affinity Current Account

Advantages of the Affinity Account

    1. Convenience of money transfers through multiple channels:

      You can use your Affinity Account to transfer money** from ICICI Singapore using any of the following channels to any bank in India with confirmed exchange rates.
      • Online: Enjoy Instant money transfers to any ICICI Bank account in India or same day transfers to a non- ICICI Bank account in India. Further, you may-
        • Set up a standing instruction so that your money transfer commitments to India are met; or
        • Simply use the rate block facility to transfer funds to India at your desired exchange rate.
      • Call and Remit: Transfer money from the convenience of your home or office by calling us Toll-free at 8001012553 (7 days a week between 0800 and 1800 hours).
      • Branch: Simply walk into any of our branches and place a money transfer request
    2. Preferential exchange rates:

      As an Affinity Account holder, you enjoy preferential exchange rates** for all your money transfers to India:
      • Additional 5 paise per transaction over the applicable card rates;
      • Additional 10 paise per transaction if your total relationship size (including fixed deposits, current and savings account balance) is more than SGD 25,000 (or equivalent) with ICICI Singapore.
    3. Choice of Multiple Currencies:

      You can open an Affinity Account in SGD, USD, AUD as well as EUR.


    1. Receive a Personalised Cheque book:

      You will also receive a free cheque book when you open a Singapore Dollars (SGD) Affinity Account.


    1. Link a savings account to your Affinity Account to maximise your savings with easy access

      • Earn interest on your savings when you open a linked savings account
      • Complete flexibility to move your funds, without any lock-in period;
      • Easy access to your savings; and
      • Get monthly interest payouts
    2. India banking -View your Singapore and Non Resident (NR Account) information together.

      You can now view the details of your Accounts held with ICICI Bank Ltd, India via your ICICI Bank Singapore logged in section. This will make tracking your finances between the Singapore and India more convenient. Click here to know more.


  1. Low Minimum Balance Requirements and Charges

    There are no minimum balance requirements to operate your Affinity Account.
    However, if the total monthly balance of all your accounts with us, such as your Affinity Account, savings account and fixed deposit account falls below 250 currency units, administrative charges may apply

    The administrative charges shall be calculated by adding the daily closing balance of all accounts under your customer ID with us for a particular month and dividing it by the total number of days for that particular month. The following administrative charges shall be applied to your accounts on the basis of your Monthly Average Balance:

    Total Monthly Average BalanceAdministrative charge for the respective month
    250 currency units and above 0
    0 - 250 currency units 3

    These charges will be levied on the Affinity Account only.

    **Terms and Conditions apply.

Please click here for Affinity Account FAQs

Please click here for Money Transfer FAQs

Please click here for the disclaimer relating to the Affinity Account and related services.

Account Opening

3 Easy steps to open an Affinity Current Account & Savings Account

    • Step 1 - Walk into any ICICI Singapore branch and meet our customer service representative.


  • Step 2 - Fill an account opening form ("Account Opening Form" or "AOF") (as prescribed by ICICI Singapore) and furnish us a proof of your identity and residential address. Please carry the original documents for verification at the time of account opening at ICICI Singapore.

    Please note that:

    1. Proof of Identity must be issued by a public authority and include the applicant's name, date of birth, nationality, a signature and a photograph of the bearer E.g. NRIC/EP/DP/PEP and Passport.
    2. Proof of Address must be issued by recognised authorities, banks or utilities and include full address of the applicant. It could be in the form of utility bills, driving license, tax bill, bank statements or others. These proofs are required as per Government Regulations and the Bank may therefore verify the proof of identity and address you would submit.
  • Step 3 - You can open the Affinity Account with a minimum of SGD 100. To fund your Affinity Account, you can give us a cheque drawn on any bank in Singapore or through cash deposit.
    For your Account Opening Form, you should read the following carefully:
    • ICICI Singapore's General Terms and Conditions Governing Accounts and Secured Facilities ("GTC");
    • Terms and Conditions as given on the AOF. You may also refer to the terms and conditions applicable to the Affinity Account on the website at
    • Customers opting for the internet banking facility must accept the terms and conditions applicable for internet based international money transfers as available on the website at