HiSAVE Savings Account

Discover the best way to make your money work harder for you. Save with our Savings account

High Yielding

  • Start saving from as little as $1
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • High interest rate on your savings

Quick Start Up

  • No monthly fees
  • Choose your password while applying

Green Banking

  • No statements to file
  • Completely online. No ATM card, passbook or cheque book issued


HiSAVE Eligibility

Individuals residing in Singapore, 21 years old and above only can apply.


Applicant should have an existing current or a savings account with any local or Qualified Full Bank in Singapore. When applying in joint capacity please ensure that the linked account is also held by the same joint account holders.

HiSAVE Savings Account

With as little as S$1, you can open an account today!

HiSave Savings Account Interest Rate

Watch your money grow with HiSAVE .

With HiSAVE, you'll get the best interest rates on your savings and see your money grow in no time!

HiSAVE Savings Account

Get interest rate of 0.1% on a balance of S$1 or more. Interest is calculated on a daily basis at the annual rate for the number of days the fund is in your account.

Apply Now

How to apply for HiSave Account?

Existing customer - The quickest way to apply for a HiSAVE Savings Account is by logging in to internet banking, clicking 'Open a HiSAVE Savings Account' and completing the short form.

  • Existing customers means holder of an "Current Account" with ICICI Bank Limited Singapore branch, where "Account" means any account of the Customer with the Bank including without limitation any Fixed Deposits Account, Current Account, Call Deposit Account, Savings Account and any other accounts which may be made available by the Bank from time to time.
  • Existing customers with only deposit account with ICICI Singapore branch need to open a Current Account at the branch before applying for HiSAVE Account.

New customer - Just follow these 5 easy steps:

  • Step 1:
    Click apply now, read,understand and accept the terms & conditions of the HiSAVE Account
  • Step 2:
    Fill in the Account Opening Form (AOF) online Select your login password and get your Customer ID and Account number.
    Doing this will generate your Customer ID and Account number. On completion of the form and generation of your account details you will get option to generate a PDF of your details.
  • Step 3:
    Generate and Print the PDF file and attach the supporting documents as mentioned below:
    • Identity Proof:
      • Singapore Citizen / PR:
        Self signed copy of NIRC (front & back),
      • Others:
        Self signed copy of EP / WP / DP / SP (front & back) and Copy of Passport (with Visa page if applicable).
    • Address Proof:
      Original bank statement or original utility bill or original credit card statement or original phone bill (address proof must not be older than 3 months)

    Self attest all the pages of supporting documents.(Self attestation means documents need to be signed by you/applicants)
  • Step 4:
    Send the documents to us at the address below:
    ICICI Bank Ltd.
    6 Raffles Quay,
    Unit #01-02,
    Singapore 048580
  • Step 5:
    Initial Funding: Initial funding can only be done from the account that you wish to link to HiSAVE Account and of which you have provided details in the application form. You can choose from the following modes of funding the account:
     a. Cheque Funding: Self drawn cheque from your other bank personal account (as stated in the AOF to be your linked account) held in any local or QFB (Qualified Full Bank) banks in Singapore.
    b. Online Funds Transfer from your other bank personal account (as stated in the AOF to be your linked account)

If you wish to open a joint account, kindly note:

  • You can have upto 1 joint account holder with you in HiSAVE.
  • The PDF of the AOF needs to be signed by both account holders. Supporting documents of both joint account holders would be required and the same would have to be self attested by both for their respective documents.
  • Please note each document needs to be self certified.
  • In case of joint account please ensure that your linked account has the same holding pattern as the HiSAVE account.

Double check your application for:

  • You have signed the application form
  • The name in the application form matches as your NRIC/EP/WP/DP
  • The account details to be linked provided are complete and correct
  • You have self attested all the pages of the supporting documents
  • No hand written corrections/changes are made on the application form after print out.

If you'd like to speak to someone before applying, please contact us on our toll-free number at 800 1012553 , (between 0800 - 1800 hrs), (IVR Option 1 - Singapore Retail), Overseas: (65) 67239009 (call charges may apply) . We'll be happy to assist.