Dear Customer,

Scammers may target you by impersonating ICICI Bank Limited, Singapore Branch and access your personal details, OTP, Login ID or Password, through an SMS or e-mail with clickable links.

In order to protect our customers from phishing scams, ICICI Bank Limited, Singapore Branch is implementing additional measures to safeguard your Account.

Our SMSes and e-mails will not contain links, so please do not click on any link in SMSes that appear to be from ICICI Bank Limited, Singapore Branch. We never ask for Account details, Login ID, Password or OTP over the phone, e-mail or SMS.

ICICI Bank Limited, Singapore Branch will also adopt the below requirements outlined by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Association of Banks in Singapore on Jan 19, 2022, to further protect our customers:

  1. Removal of clickable links in e-mails or SMSes
  2. Delay of at least 12 hours before activation of a new soft token on a mobile device.
  3. Notification to existing e-mail registered with the Bank, whenever there is a request to change a mobile number or e-mail address.
  4. Cooling-off period before implementation of requests for key account changes, such as your contact details, e.g. mobile number update
  5. Dedicated Customer Assistance teams to deal with feedback on potential fraud cases
  6. Scam Education Alerts.

Please follow these measures to protect your account from phishing scams.


How to protect yourself from scams:

  1. Protect your credentials and devices. Do not reveal your banking credentials, such as your User ID or OTP, to anyone
  2. Never click on any suspicious links from e-mails, or install any programme from unknown or questionable sources.
  3. If you suspect that you are a victim of a phishing scam, please call our Customer Care on 8001012553 (if you are calling from Singapore) or +65 67239009 (if you are calling from outside Singapore), 7 days a week, 08:00 hours – 18:00 hours and lodge a police report as soon as you suspect that you’ve fallen for a scam


ICICI Bank Limited, Singapore Branch

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